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Semiconductors & Components


Semiconductors & Components

Industry Outlook

Demand for integrated circuits saw higher than expected growth across multiple application categories in 2020, and these categories will continue to grow in 1H21, according to Omdia projections1.

With some expecting record shipments2 of semiconductors and components in 2021, demands on engineers for faster-smaller-cheaper will continue.


Educational Sessions of Interest at DesignCon

At DesignCon, you’ll find leading engineers sharing their insights on semiconductor and component design in educational sessions including:

Generalized ccICN (Component Contribution Integrated Crosstalk Noise)

A Comparison of Motherboard Voltage Regulators & Fully Integrated Voltage Regulators for Power & Performance Optimized Solutions

Magnetic Near-field Evaluation Methodology for Integrated Circuit In-package Coupling Assessment

De-embedding Method for 224G High Bandwidth


Exhibits Relating to Semiconductors & Components

And check out these leading suppliers in the semiconductor and components spaces on the DesignCon expo floor.

  • Keysight Technologies (Booth 1039)
  • Accurate Circuit Engineering (Booth 813)
  • Amphenol (Booth 833)
  • Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (Booth 1238)
  • Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc (Booth 615)
  • Huber+Suhner (Booth 1054)
  • Samtec (Booth 939)
  • Xpeedic Technology Inc. (Booth 727)

Explore the full DesignCon expo floor here.



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