Digital Event Runs June 7-8, 2022

Automotive & Autonomous

Industry Outlook

By 2023, worldwide net additions of vehicles equipped with hardware that could enable autonomous driving without human supervision will reach 745,705 units, up from 137,129 units in 2018, according to Gartner1. Software updates could enable even higher levels of vehicle autonomy in coming years.

The demand for the engineering and design around sensors, vision systems, communications, components, and the additional tech needed to advance automotive technologies to autonomous levels is real and comes on an already high demand IC market, with IC Insights forecasting automotive ICs to register the strongest 2019-2024 end-use segment CAGR2.


Automotive & Autonomous Educational Sessions at DesignCon

At DesignCon, you’ll find leading engineers sharing their insights on automotive and autonomous design in educational sessions including:

Panel — Bringing AI to the Edge: Hardware & Software Enables Autonomous AI Ecosystem on the Edge

PCI Express Technology: Evolving Automotive Connectivity for the Next Generation of Vehicles

Panel – Implementing a Digital Transformation Framework for Automotive Applications

Enhancing Safety & Performance in ADAS/AV with a Motion First Approach to Perception

Moving Towards High Resolution Automotive Radar Systems

Automotive Semis Shifts into Overdrive

Measurements & Test of High Speed Serial Buses: Measurement Bandwidth in Ethernet for Automotive, Electrical & Optical

Panel – Test on Wheels: Test & Measurement for Automotive Standards

These sessions are part of the Drive World conference track at DesignCon. Click here for more information. 


Exhibits of Interest on the Expo Floor

Check out these leading suppliers in the automotive and autonomous spaces providing tech, product, and/or demos on the DesignCon expo floor.

  • Keysight Technologies (Booth 1039)
  • AGC Multi Material America (Booth 954)
  • Fotofab, LLC (Booth 614)
  • KGS America (Kitagawa Industries America, Booth 618)

Explore the full DesignCon expo floor here



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2. Automotive IC Market Forecast With Strongest CAGR Through 2024, IC Insights