August 16-18, 2021|San Jose McEnery Convention Center| San Jose, CA


Industry Outlook

5G is considered to be one of the most significant market opportunities in the coming years, with the large-scale roll-out of infrastructures and widespread adoption of 5G devices and services. 5G will not only boost the development and expansion of telecommunications, it will also redefine and accelerate sectors such as automotive, medical/healthcare, entertainment, computing, and manufacturing.

The global 5G technology market to exceed $700 billion at a near 71% CAGR from 2020 to 2025, with North America leading growth.¹

Demand for 5G technology including RFICs (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits), ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), Millimeter Wave, and FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) is high and growing. The ASIC segment alone is expected to hit $8.79 billion by 2025.


5G Educational Sessions at DesignCon

At DesignCon, you’ll find leading engineers sharing their insights on 5G, as well as 6G, in educational sessions including:

Keynote – Apple Beyond 5G: The Need for End-to-End Programmability

What is FEC & How Do I Use It?

Wireless Memory Test: A Breakthrough Solution for Highly Reliable HBM

Proposal for Automated E-O-E IBIS-AMI Modeling

Innovative Designs for Optimizing 112-G+ BGA Fan-out Crosstalk

Find more 5G education here.


Exhibits of Interest on the Expo Floor

Check out these leading suppliers in 5G on the DesignCon expo floor:

  • Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (Booth724)
  • Luxshare-Ict (Booth 615)
  • PFC Flexible Circuits (Booth 435)

Explore the full DesignCon expo floor here.



1. 5G Technology Market to Surpass USD 700 Billion by 2025 Growing With 70.83% CAGR | North America to Dominate the Global 5G Market With CAGR of 71%, Market Research Future