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DesignCon 2024 Keynotes –
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DesignCon 2024 Keynotes

Join us to hear insights from engineers and influencers.  Keynotes are open to all attendees and are located in the Elizabeth A. Hangs Theater on the 2nd floor.

Tom Coughlin
2024 President & CEO at IEEE

Global Semiconductor Trends: A Roadmap for the Future

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 
11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. PST

In partnership with IEEE Spectrum

The semiconductor industry makes modern life possible. Without semiconductor chips, smartphones, televisions, computers, health care equipment, military devices, transportation, and thousands of other devices could not function. More than 100 billion integrated circuits are used daily, and demand continues to grow, thanks in large part to advancement in the rapidly developing markets for artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things.

Semiconductor technology, production, supply chain, and workforce development have become critical at a global level. IEEE is working with other organizations to tackle the challenges around future semiconductor development. IEEE makes the roadmaps that are guiding semiconductor development and is involved with various international chip initiatives. In this keynote, 2024 IEEE President & CEO Tom Coughlin will explore possible futures for semiconductor and packaging technologies and look at what new capabilities these technologies could bring into being. 

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Pedro Garcia

Global Head of Product Development at Nikola Corporation

Pioneering Zero Emissions Vehicles

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
10-11 a.m. PST

This keynote is sponsored by Amphenol

As the world stands at a critical juncture in environmental sustainability, join Pedro Garcia, Global Head of Product Development at Nikola, as he shares in-depth insights into the critical role the transportation industry plays in the development of Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. This keynote will delve into the broader landscape of sustainable transportation, addressing the unique challenges faced by the industry and the innovative options developed for heavy-duty, zero-emission vehicles. Garcia will provide a comprehensive exploration of the journey within the realm of cleaner, efficient transport solutions — including an insightful and candid discussion on the industry's contributions to advancing sustainable practice.

This keynote is preceded by the 2023 Best Paper Award presentations.

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Jonathan Arenberg
Chief Mission Architect, Science &
Robotic Missions, Civil & Commercial
Space at Northrop Grumman Space

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: Its Mission, Design & Performance

Thursday, February 1, 2024 
10-11 a.m. PST

This keynote is sponsored by Amphenol

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the largest, most complex, and powerful space telescope ever built. It is also the world’s first space deployable telescope and includes 10 new technologies. The construction took over 100-million man hours by hundreds of companies spread over the globe. The Optical Telescope Element (OTE) contains the largest mirror ever launched into space and was just one of the major engineering challenges that needed to be overcome when designing this groundbreaking telescope. And they had one shot to get it right.

The JWST just passed its second year in space and that optical system is performing twice as well as required. Jon Arenberg, Chief Mission Architect for the JWST at Northrop Grumman Space, oversaw the integrated design performance for the project. In this keynote, Jon will review the mission and then delve into the design, verification, and testing. And, of course, he will share some of the jaw-dropping images the JWST has sent back.

This keynote is preceded by the Engineer of the Year Award presentation.

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