April 5-7, 2022|Santa Clara Convention Center| Santa Clara, CA

Convince Your Boss

Get the go-ahead to attend DesignCon using these handy resources.

When the brightest minds across the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities join forces for three days in Silicon Valley, it's bound to be a valuable engineering event. Now it’s time to convince your boss.

Tip: Focus on what you'll bring back to the team to show the value beyond what you get. Keep it short but make it powerful.

Resources Include:

Tips to Make it Happen

When crafting your plan, think about the bottom line: Why should the company budget for your trip, and what’s the return on the investment?

  • Determine the value — Show specifics on how your attendance will impact current projects, inspire knowledge, and eliminate obstacles.
  • Be solutions-driven — What issues pop up again and again? List exhibitors who could provide the solutions your team needs.
  • Provide a post-show rundown — Offer to deliver a short presentation or write-up on your key takeaways.
  • Plan for your absence — Whether it’s working ahead or tapping a colleague to help out, explain how you’ll cover your missed time.
  • Make it cost-effective — If three or more colleagues are attending, register the team with group discounts and offer to share a hotel room.

Why Attend

With more than 175 exhibiting companies, a 14-track educational conference, and opportunities to network with 5,000 industry professionals, DesignCon remains the destination for chip, board, and systems design engineers who aim to stay ahead in the industry.

The reasons to attend are many, but here are five important points to make to your boss:

  • Comprehensive education — For three days you’ll choose from over 100 technical paper sessions, panels, and tutorials spanning 14 tracks. It would take thousands of hours to compile this much information.
  • Hands-on training — It’s one thing to study from afar, but quite another to put your hands to work. Take advantage of practical, three-dimensional training opportunities taught by experts.
  • Exclusive networking — With more than 5,000 attendees and 175 exhibitors on board, the potential for finding solutions and making lasting relationships is tremendous.
  • Sourcing suppliers — You’ll get exclusive access to content such as videos of distinguished keynotes, session handouts, and more – excellent tools for your post-conference presentation.
  • Industry expertise — DesignCon is developed entirely by engineers for engineers thanks to the Technical Program Committee, an elite group of over 90 practicing engineers.

Conference Tracks at a Glance

With technical paper sessions, panels, and tutorials, you'll find numerous conference topics that address the specific needs of your department.

Here are the DesignCon 2021 session topics:

  • Track 1 – Signal & Power Integrity for Single-Multi Die, Interposer & Packaging
  • Track 2 – Chip I/O & Power Modeling & Validation Solutions
  • Track 3 – Integrating Photonics & Wireless in Electrical Design
  • Track 4 – Advances in Materials & Processing for PCBs, Modules & Packages
  • Track 5 – Advanced I/O Interface Design for Memory & 2.5D/3D/SiP Integrations
  • Track 6 – System Co-Design: Modeling, Simulation & Measurement Validation
  • Track 7 – Optimizing High-Speed Link Design
  • Track 8 – Measurement, Simulation & Improving Jitter, Noise & BER
  • Track 9 – High-Speed Signal Processing, Equalization & Coding/FEC
  • Track 10 – Power Integrity in Power Distribution Networks
  • Track 11 – Electromagnetic Compatibility & Interference
  • Track 12 – Applying Test & Measurement Methodology
  • Track 13 – Modeling & Analysis of Interconnects
  • Track 14 – Machine Learning for Microelectronics, Signaling & System Design

Sample Letters

Download our sample letters to use as a starting point while conveying the importance of Drive World and ESC to your boss. Simply tweak the message to sound like you and add a greeting and signature.

Download Sample Letter: Conference »

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Expenses Worksheet

One question inevitably comes up: How much will this cost? Make sure you’ve taken all costs into consideration and are prepared with a thoughtful answer.

Download Projected Expenses Worksheet »