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    Jan 30-Feb 1, 2018
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    Jan 31-Feb 1, 2018
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SHF Communication Technologies AG

SHF Communication Technologies AG is one of the leading suppliers of test equipment for optical communication R&D. With its core competence in microwave electronics, the company supports high-speed optical communication by offering BERTs up to 120 Gbps serial, AWGs up to 64 GS/s, optical transmitters, driver amplifiers, and DACs up to 60 GBaud.

Microfriend Inc.

MICROFRIEND Inc. (MF) is a Leading 3D MEMS Probe Card Manufacturer from South Korea.
MF proudly Introduces the full 3D MEMS BGA Socket.
The 3D MEMS coaxial pins have much better characteristics compared to pogo pins around the market.


Micram VEGA 100 GS/s Application Systems are the fastest, highest bandwidth signal generator platforms on the planet, the only choice for superior performance with complex modulation such as PAM-4/8. Since 1991, Micram has led the world in ultra high performance bipolar silicon. Micram VEGA converters are a global standard for ultrafast signal conversion, adopted by virtually every academic and commercial telecom R&D organization in the world.

Top Dog Test

Top Dog Test is a leader in the test and measurement equipment industry. We offer a wide variety of test equipment and accessories for sale, lease, and rental. Our full service ISO 9001–accredited calibration lab provides calibration and repair services for all different types of test equipment. We also provide daily pick-up and delivery services for the entire Bay Area for convenience.

Somacis USA

Somacis USA is regarded as one of the elite high-tech manufacturers of HDI rigid and flex rigid PCBs up to and including 50 layers. With factories in the United States, Italy, England, and China, the company serves the market from prototype through production with a single point of contact in the United States out of its San Diego facility.


ADSANTEC offers high-speed, mixed signal ASICs, Systems, IC Design Solutions and Instrumentation. The company is a fabless design house with more than 300 off-the-shelf ICs. Its core competencies include chip design and manufacturing, full system design and integration, and test solutions. The company was established in January 2002.

Hitachi Cable America Inc.

Hitachi Cable America Inc. supplies connectivity solutions, including but not limited to fiber-optic transceivers, active optical cables, direct attach cables, and category cables, supporting more than 50 gigabit per channel. The company will have a more than 10 m reach demonstration of QSFP28 passive and active direct attach cables, which incorporate its OMNIBIT twin-ax cable designed for high data transmission up to 50 Gbps per channel.

Kita USA Inc.

KITA USA is a Cohu, Inc. company and is located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our business is to design, sell and manufacture spring probes and custom spring probe connectors. Along with our sister company in Japan, our objective is to combine the best that Japan and the US has to offer to our customers in the US and Europe.
Our sister company, KITA Manufacturing Co., LTD. has 45 years of experience in this business.