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    Jan 29–31, 2019
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    Jan 30–31, 2019
  • Santa Clara Convention
    | Santa Clara, CA

PCB Droid Ltd.

PCB Droid Ltd. is a startup company located in Hungary. Our aim is to provide a PCB editor where you can just jump in and easily design your panel anywhere, anytime. No need for hours of tutorials on how to handle the software and you only need your phone. Just download PCB Droid from Google Play or the AppStore and you are ready to go. Our application, the PCB Droid has more than 280,000 downloads from around the world and is constantly growing.

Royal Circuit Solutions

Royal Circuit Solutions is one of the industry’s fastest shops for prototype and low-volume PCB projects. From complex HDI and high-layer count boards to single-sided PCBs, Royal Circuits has the expertise to deliver top quality designs twice as fast as other shops. Its dedicated and knowledgeable staff, combined with cutting-edge equipment, ensures that customers' projects are successful every time.

Tempo Automation

By bringing speed, precision, and transparency to entirely new levels, Tempo Automation enables engineers to bring ever more complex ideas to life. By bringing digital automation to software-driven, robotics-supported PCB prototyping, we deliver complex designs right to your desk in days instead of weeks. Our online platform powers Tempo’s San Francisco robotic factory, delivering a fast and seamless experience from quote to order to delivery.

ARC Technologies Inc.

ARC Technologies Inc. offers a complete range of absorber products that provide solutions to the diverse RF and EMI problems facing today's commercial and defense design engineers. The company offers a range of standard and custom solutions, including dielectric absorbers, magnetic absorbers, thermoplastic injection-molded parts, and much more.