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Join Mentor Graphics @ DesignCon 2014

Discovery SERDES and DDR Signoff Methodologies with HyperLynx at the Mentor Graphics booth #316

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Mentor Graphics is kicking off DesignCon 2014 with a unique introduction to its HyperLynx® PCB analysis products and capabilities..

As the world leader in PCB design and analysis technologies, Mentor Graphics' HyperLynx Analysis Suite can help you achieve design reliability while meeting development and time-to-market goals.

HyperLynx offers a complete PCB analysis environment that includes solutions for DDRx designs, Multi-Gbps Channel analysis, full-wave 3D electromagnetic modeling, and power distribution design for static and dynamic analyses.

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  • HyperLynx DRC: a powerful, fully customizable, and fast design rule checking tool
    • HyperLynx DRC enables verification of complex design rules that are not easily simulated. With 19 standard design rule checks, you can quickly and easily pinpoint trouble spots, such as traces crossing splits, reference plane changes, and shielding and via checks, that could cause EMI/EMC, signal integrity (SI), and power integrity (PI) problems.
    • HyperLynx DRC also makes it easy to write custom DRCs through unique access to the design database, support for VBScript and JavaScript, and a built-in script debugging environment.
  • HyperLynx 3D EM: a high-capacity electromagnetic design and post-layout verification solution
    • HyperLynx 3D EM provides full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) analysis for designers of high-performance electronic products, including complex structures on printed circuit boards and packages, antennas, MMICs, and RFID. Accurate results with high throughput and capacity mean improved design quality, fewer EM-related re-spins, and faster design closure.

  • HyperLynx Signal Integrity: quick and accurate signal integrity analysis and simulation
    • HyperLynx SI provides advanced signal integrity analysis for SERDES and DDRx designs, verifying DDRx memory interfaces, and automating thousands of simulations for fast, accurate results and complete timing closure.
    • Easy to use out of the box, HyperLynx SI helps hardware engineers, PCB designers and signal integrity specialists alike design boards right the first time. With HyperLynx SI, you'll avoid costly overdesign, and save recurrent layout, prototype, and test cycles in the lab.
  • HyperLynx Power Integrity: quick detection of power integrity design and analysis issues
    • HyperLynx PI enables engineers and PCB designers to explore and optimize the AC and DC characteristics of power distribution networks (PDN) easily and accurately, resulting in faster time to results. Co-simulation with SI and thermal analysis are additional benefits. By taking fast switching speeds and high current loads into consideration, you can easily assess trouble spots and increase design dependability.

Whether you are a Systems Designer, PCB Engineer, or Product Development Manager, you can learn more about HyperLynx and best practices for virtual prototyping at booth #316 or at one of Mentor Graphics' technical presentations:

6-TU1: Differential Signal Routing for PCB Designers


John Mehlmauer Broadcom Corporation, Charles Pfeil Mentor Graphics

Track: Apply PCB Design Tools and Methodologies

9-WE2: The Jitter-Noise Duality and Anatomy of an Eye-Diagram


Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov Mentor Graphics, Inc., Martin Miller Teledyne LeCroy Corporation

Track: Detect and Mitigate Jitter, Crosstalk, and Noise

14-WE4: Computation of Time Domain Impedance Profile from S-Parameters: Challenges and Methods


Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov Mentor Graphics, Inc., Kaviyesh Doshi Teledyne LeCroy Corporation, Peter Pupalaikis Teledyne LeCroy Corporation

CT-02a: Stop Wasting Your Time Reviewing PCB Designs


Sam Zhang, Mentor Graphics Corporation

Track: Chiphead Theater Presentation

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