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DesignVision Awards

The DesignVision Awards celebrate the achievements of the most innovative electronics companies and the unique tools that support customer needs to improve and simplify the design process.

Winners will be selected based on three criteria: how well the product meets the market’s vision and offers unique insight into customer needs; the originality of the solution and if it provides a new approach to meeting market needs; and the quality of the implementation and how well it fits the market requirements.

The new Best in Test & Design Awards are coming to DesignCon 2015 - be on the lookout for the announcement in September!

8 Categories:

  • Design Verification Tools
  • IC Design Tools
  • Interconnect Technologies & Components
  • PCB Design Tools
  • Semiconductor & IP
  • Semiconductor Components and ICs
  • System Modeling & Simulation
  • Test & Measurement Equipment

Entry Details for 2014 DesignVision Awards

Entries are Closed for the 2014 DesignVision Awards.


The DesignVision Award presentation took place on January 29, 2014 at DesignCon in Santa Clara.

Category Company Product
IC Design Tools ANSYS Pathfinder-D
Interconnect Technologies & Components FCI ExaMAX® Direct-Mate Orthogonal Connector
Design Verification Tools Altera ARM® DS-5 Altera Edition Toolkit
PCB Design Tools Altium Altium Designer 14
Semiconductor and IP Altera Stratix 10 FPGAs and SOCs
Test & Measurement PicoTechnology PicoScope
Semiconductor Components MicroSemi IGLOO®2 FPGA