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    Jan 29–31, 2019
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  • 400G Pluggable I/O Interconnects (OSFP & QSFP-DD)

    OSFP is a new pluggable form factor with eight high speed electrical lanes that will initially support 400 Gbps (8x50G). It is slightly wider and deeper than QSFP but it still supports 36 OSFP ports per 1U front panel, enabling 14.4 Tbps per 1U. OSFP has an integrated heat-sink that greatly improves thermal performance and enables modules with up to 15W power in a switch chassis with conventional airflow. QSFP-DD is a new module and cage/connector system similar to current QSFP, but with an additional row of contacts providing for an eight-lane electrical interface. QSFP-DD operates up to 25G NRZ or 50G PAM4 modulation, providing solutions up to 200 Gbps or 400 Gbps aggregate. Like OSFP, QSFP-DD can also enable up to 14.4 Tbps aggregate bandwidth in a single switch slot. Unlike OSFP, QSFP-DD modules are backwards compatible to QSFP modules.

  • 400G QSFPDD, 400G OSFP, 56G SFP+

    LOROM (Booth #811) is proud to demo the future of copper with channel speeds in excess of 400Gbps in both QSFPDD and OSFP form factors with 7m+ active and 3m passive copper. Additionally, our new 56G SFP+ Passive Cables features a proprietary low loss cable technology, lowering cooling costs and reduced power consumption compared to fiber.

  • ANSYS' new Chip-Package-System (CPS)

    ANSYS’ new Chip-Package-System (CPS) design flow delivers unparalleled simulation capacity and speed for power integrity, signal integrity EMI, ESD and thermal stress challenges. ANSYS’ unique layout assembly capability integrates IC package layout, interposers, connectors, ribbon cables, flex cables, and PCB all within a single assembly. This facilitates the emerging CPS design process to support new and existing electronic devices. Automated thermal analysis and integrated structural analysis capabilities provide coupled chip-aware and system-aware simulation for CPS design enabling customers to perform end-to-end multiphysics analysis.

  • ASNT_MPSG - 40Gbps 4 Channel PRBS Generator

    The ASNT_MPSG operates from 100Mbps-40Gbps and has 4 Channels of High-Speed Output Data.

    The ADSANTEC 4-Channel PRBS Generator can be used for test applications, design verification, and in general R&D environments that require high-speed data patterns. It generates any data pattern from PRBS7 to PRBS31, as well as any custom pattern up to 1 Mbit in each channel. Two of its channels can generate QPRBS. The output amplitude of each channel can be individually adjusted from 0V to 1.4V. Additionally, the unit features a custom error injection mode. The unit is operable through its included GUI software. The relative low cost of $89,000 makes this high-speed pattern generator very accessible.

  • Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS)

    EquipNet’s Asset Redeployment Management System, known as ARMS, is a secure web-based asset management software that provides companies with the ability to post, track, find, redeploy, buy and sell surplus or idle equipment. ARMS offers workflow management capabilities and a number of security levels for plant managers and executives across the enterprise. Companies in a number of industries utilize EquipNet ARMS for asset tracking and management in various facilities across the globe. Some of the benefits of ARMS include, but are not limited to: customization, visibility, cost savings, streamlining communication, tracking success, data security, maintaining control and compliance and reliable support.

  • BAL-0067

    Marki baluns offer industry leading bandwidth, balance, and flatness. This translates to superior performance for differential chips and communication systems using these baluns. Our flagship balun product is the BAL-0067, which is capable of interfacing up to 50 Gb/s signals without distortion.

    Please visit our website for our complete high speed data catalog: www.markimicrowave.com.

  • Bal Spring® canted coil spring

    The Bal Spring® canted coil spring is a versatile component that mechanically fastens, conducts electricity, and shields sensitive electronics from the harmful effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio-frequency interference (RFI). Since it’s capable of performing both mechanical and electrical functions, the Bal Spring canted coil spring eliminates unnecessary components and can help reduce system complexity. The spring is custom engineered to meet your specific application requirements.

  • BitWise PAM4 Signal Integrity Test

    Here at BitWise Laboratories we're ready to go to market with 5 new products for High Performance BERT and TDR Testing on PAM4 and traditional NRZ signals. PAM4 signaling is a new 100 Gigabit Ethernet technology that transmits twice the amount of information compared to NRZ. The new lineup includes:

    1. Pattern Generator - 2 channel NRZ output with built in preemphasis
    2. PAM4 Combiner - Combines 2 NRZ channels to create PAM4 signal
    3. PAM4 Decombiner - Decombines PAM4 signal to 2 channel NRZ with built-in clock recovery
    4. Bit Error Analyzer - 2 channel NRZ BER Testing with Error Location analysis and channel interleaving
    5. StepScope TDR - 22 psec edge (10/90) reflectometer for TDR and S-parameters

    There's built-in automation for sweeping eye openings and measuring jitter, and everything runs from your favorite browser.

    See us at booth 1248

  • Cabled STRADA Whisper Backplane Connectors

    As PCBs become cost-prohibitive at higher data rates, TE’s cabled STRADA Whisper connectors provide a flexible solution. TE’s STRADA Whisper backplane connectors have extremely low cable insertion loss (0.11 dB/in versus PCB loss of 0.75 dB/in at 12.5 GHz) which allows signal integrity to be maintained at distances 2-4 times greater than a conventional PCB backplane design. Reduced insertion loss achieved by the high-speed cable improves the channel margin and allows for more creative system architecture design possibilities. Cabled STRADA Whisper connectors continue to offer the same mechanical robustness and best-in-class electrical and signal integrity performance of TE’s STRADA Whisper product family. They can support 25-56 Gbps PAM-4, with future expansion to 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM-4. These connectors now support 100G per pair.

  • CableExpert

    Cable modeling made easy

  • Ceyear AV3672E Network Analyzer, 67GHz

    The Ceyear line of network analyzers are cutting edge and have an extremely competitive value proposition without compromising quality. This line is offered in 5 different frequency ranges with both 2 and 4 port configurations. Additionally the units can be configured with a number of measurement options such as time domain, frequency offset, Gain compression, mixer measurements, embedded LO, Pulse and much more.

  • CFP2/4/8, SFP/QSFP-DD, OSFP and On-board optics

    Yamaichi Electronics, a leading supplier of high speed connector and cable assembly products, offers an array of 64Gbps/ch signaling technologies into the coherent optics module form factors such as CFP2, CFP4, CFP8 and expanding into OSFP and QSFP-DD form factors. To support high power coherent optic module thermal performance, Yamaichi introduces CFP2 Mid Mount connector. It is designed to fit in a half-U size rack system. The Mid Mount enables lower module port position setting to install a higher heat sink to improve heat dissipation. Coming soon: next generation 100G serial electrical channel products.

  • ChannelExpert

    Channel simulation with automation

  • ChipConnect Cable Assemblies

    ChipConnect internal faceplate-to-processor cable assemblies enable Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) by mating directly with Intel Xeon® Phi™ processors and Intel Xeon Scalable processors on the board and Internal Faceplate Transition (IFT) connectors at the faceplate. They provide 4x and 8x high speed data transmission lanes for 25 Gbps speeds. Straight and right-angle (left/right exit) Linear Edge Connector (LEC) cable plugs accommodate cable routing and the LEC receptacle is offered in A (LGA 3647 Socket P1) and B (LGA 3647 Socket P0) versions. These cable assemblies provide significantly better loss characteristics to reduce host board traces and PCB cost. We are one of two Intel qualified suppliers offering these first-generation cable assemblies (Intel OPA 100 Series) and TE is also a development partner for future generation Intel designs.

  • Coaxial 3D MEMS socket pins

    Microfriend's coaxial 3D MEMS socket pins have incompatible specification compared to pogo pin in both mechanical and electrical performance.
    The probe fabrication pitch is available from 0.35 mm to 1.0 mm. Shape and size of package and probe are adjustable according to customer requests .
    Applying the same probe force on the solder ball results in lesser damage. Better electrical performance is not an option and Contact Resistance is low yet stable (≤50mΩ).
    The electrical parameters of TPD (Time Propagation Delay), self-inductance, capacitance and current rating have been also proven superior.
    Microfriend's coaxial probe will be the best solution for any customers in needs.

  • Colibri

    Are you looking to speed up your COM Express application? Colibri® connectors from ept deliver first-rate signal integrity even at 10 Gbps, making the COM Express connector system the top choice for your applications at these speeds and higher. They are ideal for PCI Express Gen3 applications with 8 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet (10GBase-KR). S-parameters are available on request from ept for use in simulating your proprietary designs.
    The Colibri® connector system stands out due to its rugged design and flexible usability. Both 220-pin and 440-pin versions for board-to-board distances of 5 and 8 mm are available.Colibri® is a double-row connector system consisting of a plug and a receptacle, each of which has a pitch dimension of 0.5 millimeters. They are processed using SMT technology.


    LANJIAN has developed and patented many products and technologies.
    Products developments, designs, and manufacturing, are realized on a strict respect of the required standards, such as MIL, ESA, IEEE, IEC, and others, for the entire satisfaction of our customers.

  • CoreHC™ High Density Multi-Port Interconnect System

    CoreHC direct attach cable assembly is a multi-channel test point system targeted for high density boards where space is limited. It offers reduced trace lengths and higher signal integrity as compared to the boards using traditional SMA type connectors.

  • CrystalBand™

    Bellwethers CrystalBand™ uses a the multiple cross contact design that creates connections capable of handling high electrical current in a small space with both low insertion and extraction forces, higher quantity of mating cycles, lower contact resistance, increased current carrying capacity, and minimum temperature rise. CrystalBand™ contact offer significant advantages over other contact designs. The multiple cross contacts in each spring distribute current more evenly, lowering the voltage drop compared to conventional contacts. Based on a 30℃ T-rise limitation the current can be up to 280A for a Bus Bar solution with CrystalBand™. CrystalBand™ contacts outperform conventional contacts in the areas of durability (10,000 cycles), lower mating force and lower resistance.

  • Custom "specialty" FlexPCB

    MicroConnex provides engineered solutions and contract manufacturing services for fabrication of specialty flexible electronic devices and interconnects. Our high density flex circuits are found in a range of medical devices including ultrasound transducers, EP catheters and hearing aids. The MicroConnex fabrication suite leverages our capabilities in FPC, laser machining and thin film deposition to deliver very fine circuit dimensions utilizing both industry standard and unique conductor material sets. Our highly experienced applications and process engineering teams have expertise in both FPC and MEMS manufacturing to assist you with fabrication of both IPC conforming and “outside the box” designs. MicroConnex is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified and ITAR registered. Learn more at our website: www.microconnex.com.

  • DipTrace

    DipTrace is a high-quality PCB design software tool with intuitive interface, multi-sheet and hierarchical schematics, differential and high-speed signal routing, length-matching tools, built-in shape-based autorouter, advanced real-time DRC, connectivity verification, Gerber/GerberX2/ODB++ manufacturing output, and 3D preview with 3D MCAD export. DipTrace means minimum learning curve and comprehensive import from other PCB design tools.

  • Distributed Bypass Capacitor using 5um Super Thin Film

    Noda Techno provides GHz Power Integrity Solution using 5um Super Thin Film Capacitor made from paraelectric SrTiO3.

  • DMX-64

    The DMX-64 is a high speed SiGe 1:2 demultiplexer (DEMUX) chip in a connectorized module. This broadband 1:2 deserializer converts a DC to 64 Gb/s input signal into two half rate output signals using a half rate clock. The DMX-64 can be operated single ended or differentially. The DMX-64 is suitable for laboratory testing and use in test equipment.

    Please visit our website for our complete high speed data catalog: www.markimicrowave.com.

  • EMC Shielding Solutions

    Harwin offers a range of Surface Mount Shield Clips, compatible Shield Cans and a comprehensive selection of Spring Contacts, to solve a variety of EMI/RFI and grounding issues. Provided on tape and reel these EMC solutions simplify the design process through SMT automated assembly while decreasing costs and increasing reliability.

    Shield clips allow for Shield Cans to be easily secured to the PCB without soldering, improving signal integrity by eliminating through-holes that interfere with the ground plane. Nickel Silver Shield Cans eliminate hot spots and are easily removable and replaceable for rework and cleaning purposes.

    Spring Contacts are designed to provide RFI shielding and grounding when mated with metal doors or other cabinet enclosures. They are also a simple and flexible solution for creating a quick electrical connection between PCBs.

  • EMxpert ERX+

    World's fastest high resolution (60 microns) EMC/EMI scanner.
    EMxpert is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose & solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle. Gain insights about why designs fail something no chamber can give you. No more waiting for chamber time to redesign & test by trial & error. The EMxpert rapidly diagnoses even intermittent problems, which may go undetected when using handheld and automated probes.
    EMxpert is 1/10th of a chamber’s cost and operate 100 times faster.
    * Fast PCB emission testing
    * High resolution 0.06 mm
    * 150 kHz to 8 GHz

  • ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal (DMO)

    Samtec’s new ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal (DMO) solutions offer system designers flexibility by removing the mid-plane, allowing fabric cards and line cards to mate directly. This fast-growing system architecture increases airflow and improves thermal efficiencies throughout the chassis. DMO solutions enhance signal integrity via shorter trace lengths and less connector transitions while streamlining the system BOM and optimizing system cost.

    Samtec’s ExaMAX® DMO system consists of the new EBDM-RA series which mates directly with existing EBTF-RA series. They are currently available in 6 pair and 6, 8, 10, and 12 columns. Guide pin and screw mount options are also available.

  • Extreme Precision Progressive Stamped Spring Probe

    I WIN SOLUTION Co., Ltd. develops test parts and produces the test equipment of the post processes for semiconductor.
    We offer Products of the best correspondence and the top quality for customer needs.
    The main Product consist of the Extreme precision Stamped coil spring, One body Stamped spring probe pin, Vertical Probe Pin, Test Socket etc.

  • FaradFlex

    FaradFlex® is Oak-Mitsui Technologies’ family of embedded capacitance materials. FaradFlex®, is a high performance ultra-thin laminate or resin coated copper material designed as an integral part of the PCB, module, MEMS, or chips package. It is typically used as copper clad dielectric layers in the PCB replacing other materials being use for power and ground layers. FaradFlex® uses Oak-Mitsui’s copper and resin technology for the broadest offering of ultra-thin laminates with the highest capacitance densities and Dk’s available in organic substrates.

    By using FaradFlex® you can optimize signal and power integrity, minimize EMI, reduce surface mount passives and enhance PCB reliability. FaradFlex® is used in telecom, consumer electronics, avionics, military, and medical industries. Applications include PCBs, MEMS modules, RF modules, and chip packages.

  • FPC/FFC Connectors

    1. Ultra-thin, space saving design, free you design from mechanism limitations.
    2. Back Flip design, Prevent FPC cable falling out.
    3. The Actuator is firm but convenient to open, reducing assembly difficulty and providing a strong locking force.

  • GaugeChanger Plus™ QSFPDD

    Following last year’s introduction of our GaugeChanger Plus™ line of data center cable products, Spectra7 Microsystems introduces our new cable reference designs, modules, and ICs for QSFPDD interconnects. These products allow three times the length of passive cables, data line rates of up to 28Gbps, and low power — 2.4W active and 4mW standby.

  • Gecko SL

    Harwin’s Gecko SL is a 1.25mm pitch connector series designed to deliver high reliability at a compact size in harsh environments. An extension of the original latched Gecko connector series the Gecko SL features ruggedized screw-lok hardware to provide ultimate security. The low profile, light weight design is up to 45% smaller than a Micro-D connector and up to 75% lighter.
    Harwin’s patented single piece 4-finger beryllium copper female contact is the heart of the connector and allows it to withstand high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature ensuring optimum electrical performance and durability under harsh conditions. Able to withstand 1000 operations and rated to 2.0A for all contacts simultaneously in operational temperatures of -65°C to +150°C under 20g vibration and Z axis 100g 6m/s shock. Shielded aluminum backshells are available to deliver effective EMI/RFI shielding.

  • Hi-Performance Microwave Probes

    Gigatest Labs developed the GTL65_Series and GTL40_Series of microwave probes to solve the recurring problem engineers experience with probe tip breakage when contacting non-planar PCB surfaces. The optimized design of the GTL65 and 40_Series Microwave probes provides the durability, contact compliance, and long-life span for day-to-day engineering measurement tasks.


    High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2)

    High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) is a high performance 3D-stacked memory solution that leverages the 2.5D technology. The high-performance memory interface uses a wide-interface architecture that allows in achieving very high bandwidth, low power and significantly small form factor. The HBM2 has been adopted by JEDEC as an industry standard.

    HBM2 Subsystem IP Solution

    Open-Silicon’s subsystem IP solution comprises of the HBM2 Controller, PHY and 2.5D interposer IO thereby addressing interoperability and 2.5D design, test and SiP packaging challenges. The HBM2 IP is suitable for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking and communication that require low power and small form factor that are critical to the application.

  • High-Performance and Custom ASICs (SoCs)

    Socionext has more than 40 years of experience in ASIC design, and are the largest ASIC developer in Japan. Our custom silicon can be found in some of today’s most exciting products, from TOP500 supercomputers to highly reliable storage systems as well as 100G networking systems.

  • High Power Supply Unit

    Bellwether new generation High Power Supply Unit (HPSU) is a card edge type connector which has showing incredible electrical current carrying and comfortable insertion force. The total current carrying is up to 210A for 28 power pins which means 15A per power pin (14 pins for V+ and 14 pins for Ground). And the new generation HPSU connector has kept the same dimension as the previous one. Moreover, new generation HPSU has lower insertion force because of unique terminal structure design which combine two independent t terminals as one complex terminal. Finally, The new generation HPSU is not only increasing the current carrying but also lower the insertion force. Bellwether provides high power solution on card edge type connector which covering 2500/3000/4000W and different straddle/right angle/vertical mounting type.

  • High Sample Rate ADC

    Pacific Microchip Corp. is developing a highly energy efficient 56GS/s ADC with ENOB > 6-bit. The ADC will be packaged on a high performance chip carrier, which was previously developed and used for an ADC array producing a serial 32 Gb/s data at the output. Pacific Microchip Corp. plans to offer the developed ADC as a component as well as an IP block for integration into ASICs and SoCs.

  • High-Speed Micro System

    Samtec’s Edge Rate HD is a .635 mm pitch, multi-row interconnect system that provides an ultra-high density interface and next generation bandwidth.

    The EDM6, EDF6 series has up to 240 total I/Os in a mere 1.88” square inches (12.1 square cm) of pcb real estate. This is possible because the interconnect’s four rows of pins, on .635 mm pitch, available in up to 60 pins per row, with a slim 5 mm wide insulator footprint. The mated stack height is a low 5 mm, with 7 mm and 10 mm stack heights to follow.

    The system incorporates the Edge Rate® contact system, which is optimized for signal integrity performance. It is rated to 56 Gbps with PAM4 modulation.

    Solder ball technology, for simplified processing, is standard, as are alignment pins and body polarization. The products are RoHS compliant and lead-free solderable.

    These are the EDF6 and EDM6 series.

  • I-007eBooks

    I-Connect007 is a leading publisher of original content for the electronics industry. In addition to our websites, newsletters, and monthly magazines—including The PCB Design Magazine—I-Connect007 now offers a digital library with titles designed to educate circuit board buyers, designers, and assemblers. I-Connect007's eBook library includes The Printed Circuit Designer’s Guide to… series, a valuable resource for anyone involved with circuit board design.

    Our peer-reviewed micro eBooks cover such topics as signal and power integrity, high-speed design, DFM, materials, and more.

    Visit us at Booth #1255, and be sure to go to I-007eBooks to download our free books today.

  • IRIS

    Fast RFIC Passive Extraction

  • LGA 3647 Socket & Hardware (Socket P)

    Our LGA 3647 socket and hardware is designed for Intel’s next-generation CPU processors. The new socket allows designers to take advantage of the higher performance, better system application scaling processors. The LGA 3647 socket is the first to feature a two-piece design that reduces warping and offers better coplanarity for improved reliability. LGA 3647 Socket hardware including back plates, bolster plates, and clips/carriers for Socket P0. With a narrow fabric and a narrow non-fabric offering, this new hardware system provides better alignment and keeps fingers away from the socket contact field.

  • MAX Bend cable assemblies

    The Max Bend eP formable cable series offers users the benefit of eP formable cable and the ability to reliably bend the cable at the cable-to-connector body interface. In many instances formable cable can replace the need of expensive cable assemblies having precision right angle connectors operating to 18 and 26.5 GHz. The Max Bend eP formable cable series is truly a reliable, universal cable assembly for plumbing inside the box, outside the box and for use in test applications. You can hand form the Max Bend eP formable cable assemblies to final shape with ease.

  • Measurement & Modeling Services

    Gigatest Labs pioneered the use of RF and microwave measurement techniques for SI applications. Today, our engineering expertise includes Agilent Technologies ADS suite of modeling and simuplation tools, CST 3-D simulation tools, and lab measurements, differentially, and single-ended, to 67GHz.


    1. The industry's lowest transmission loss*1 enables high-speed transmission
    Dielectric constant (Dk) = 3.3 (1 GHz)
    Dissipation factor (Df) = 0.001, 1/2 vs. Panasonic's previous model (@ 1 GHz)
    Transmission loss: Down by 20% vs. Panasonic's previous model*(@ 12.5 GHz)

    2. Circuit board material with high heat resistance and high reliability facilitates the production of circuit boards comprising a greater number of layers
    Reflow heat resistance: Passed a 10-cycle test (260°C, 28 layers)
    Insulation reliability: Passed a 500-hour test (121°C, 85% RH, 50 V)
    Glass transition temperature: 210°C Thermal decomposition temperature: 400°C

  • Meteorwave Family

    The Meteorwave family of materials offer very advanced electrical performance and very high reliability for use in next generation core routers, high speed switches, supercomputers and applications where low signal attenuation, high reliability and high data transfer rates are critical. Meteorwave products are designed to facilitate high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs that require high reliability, CAF resistance and low Z-axis expansion.

    Meteorwave materials feature advanced electrical properties which allow for high signal speed transfers and reduced transmission loss, including low Dk, very low loss DF, and stable electrical properties versus frequency. Meteorwave products have a UL 94V-0 designation, 130°C MOT Rating, meet IPC-4101/102 specifications and are RoHS compliant.

  • Micram VEGA DAC10004 Application System

    Micram VEGA 100 GS/s Application Systems are the fastest, highest bandwidth signal generator platforms on the planet, the only choice for superior performance with PAM-4/8 and other complex modulation schemes.

    • Up to 100 GS/s Sampling Rate
    • 35 GHz Analog Bandwidth (@ -3dB)
    • ENOB 4.5 @ 30 GHz
    • 7 ps Rise/Fall Time
    • <100 fs Intrinsic Jitter
    • Single, Dual and Quad Channel Configurations (quad channel DAC10004 is pictured)
    • MATLAB and Python APIs
    • Making Waves™ Graphical User Interface
    • Powerful Software Features Including Rational Sampling, S-parameter De-embedding, Pulse Shaping & Filtering, Adjustable Channel Skew and More

  • microQSFP Pluggable I/O Interconnects

    micro quad small form-factor pluggable (microQSFP) interconnects provide zQSFP+ (QSFP28) functionality in a smaller, generally SFP-sized form-factor. At 33% higher density than QSFP, microQSFP interconnects fit more ports (up to 72) on a standard line card, saving significant design space. The integrated module thermal solution on these products offers significantly better thermal performance than many other pluggable solutions on the market today, requiring less energy to cool equipment and allowing greater ease in system thermal design. These interconnects feature 56 Gbps (PAM-4) performance with backwards compatibility to 28 Gbps (NRZ) and future 56 Gbps (NRZ version will be backwards compatible). microQSFP has been adopted as MDI interface for IEEE 50G (1x), 100G (2x) and 200G (4x) links.

  • MUX-56

    The MUX-56 is a high speed SiGe 2:1 multiplexer (MUX) chip in a connectorized module. This high isolation 2:1 serializer supports a DC to 56 Gb/s output data rate. The device can also be operated as a DC to 56 Gb/s (28 GHz) high isolation digital signal selector switch. The MUX-56 can be operated single ended or differentially and is suitable for laboratory testing and use in test equipment.

    Please visit our website for our complete high speed data catalog: www.markimicrowave.com.

  • n/a

  • Our Trade Mark Precision RF Cable

    DuraWave TM PS
    DuraWave TM
    FastEdge TM PS
    Blue Ribbon
    FastEdge TM
    Express RF TM


    Paladin’s® revolutionary architecture sets the benchmark for signal integrity performance in backplane interconnects. Exhibiting smooth linear transmission beyond 40GHz, the lowest crosstalk in the market, and consistent SI performance over its entire mating range, Paladin's breakthrough technologies enable our customers to design complex systems to support today’s data rates, with headroom for tomorrow’s performance requirements.
    Designed for scalability and flexibility, through use of a simplified connector construction. Paladin also offers the broadest product platform in the industry, supporting traditional backplanes, cable backplanes, over 100 potential direct orthogonal configurations, and much more.

  • PartBuilder

    Simply the most accurate and efficient Schematic Symbol Creation tool that works with your current EDA Tools. Harness the power AI with Smart-Frac and the Revolutionary Symbol Description Language to reduce Symbol Creation time by an order of magnitude.
    As one customer says: "Building one 200+ pin part pays for the Tool by itself"
    A user at the Largest Networking Chip Company in the world says:
    "PartBuilder has reduced our symbol creation time greatly; our thousand plus pin controllers were taking 16-20 hours to create, we can now load the PartBuilder with the proper files, manipulate where the pins should be positioned in the SDL and we have a symbol that is ready to use in our schematics in less than 4 hours at the most."

  • PCB Droid

    PCB Droid is the first and only PCB designer application on mobile devices. It utilizes an easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor with a UI familiar to most of the market. Think of it as an advanced sketchbook for both hobbyists and professionals, which lets the user create industrial-quality material anytime, anywhere. The company's cloud services ensure that its users will always have their work with them.

  • PCBeam Connectors

    PCBeam connectors from Neoconix offer best-in-class customization for the ultimate in design flexibility. Available with an ultra-low thickness of 0.28mm all the way up to 4mm (and anywhere between), and with an area-array density down to 0.74mm pitch, these connectors can accommodate the most demanding of space constraints.
    Standard product series include SPH1 (for high speed), LPM (low profile), and LPS (low profile solderable). From these, there are virtually unlimited customization possibilities. PCBeam connectors have an excellent reliability record with 10 years of field use and over 1 billion contacts shipped.
    The new DLBeam™ series of PCBeam connectors has been developed to enhance signal integrity for applications >28Gbps. The new FPConnected™ products incorporate Neoconix’s connector technologies into advanced flexible circuits for integrated FPC-Connector assemblies.

  • PCIe Gen4 Switch Matrix for Automated 16 Lane TX PHY Tests

    The BitifEye 2100 series is a modular and scalable switching system. Five slots can be equipped with 2:1, 4:1, 6:1 or 8:1 switch modules, with a bandwidth from DC up to 26.5 GHz.

  • PCP(Printed Circiut Board)

    Suntak PCB products range from 2 to 50 layers, HDI,Heavy Copper, Rigid-Flex, and Embedded Capacitance, they are widely applied in communication, industrial control, power electronics, medical instrument, security electronics, aerospace and so on.

  • PiS® Test Socket

    PiS (Pin in Silicone)
    Without spring, PiS® makes tension with silicone.
    Simple structure, just pin in silicone, can make fine pitch solution.
    0.2mm pitch or over, PiS® has a solution.
    For high frequency test, PiS® could match over 20GHz.
    PiS® can replace traditional rubber sockets with NO hassles of COK modification.

  • Powerful, Practical PicoVNA Vector Network Analyzer

    The PicoVNA 106 is a professional-grade vector network analyzer for RF, microwave and gigabit data applications. With a frequency range of 300 kHz to 6 GHz, a dynamic range over 118 dB, only 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at 140 kHz bandwidth, and "Quad RX" four-receiver architecture, it delivers unprecedented portability and value for money. And it’s fast. It can gather a 500-point 2-port .s2p Touchstone file in less than one tenth of a second. Plus, intuitive Windows-based software offers a comprehensive range of measurements and plot display formats for its one, two or four user-configurable measurement channels.

  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    Quick turn with extensive technical capability to convert your ideas or products from design stage to manufacturing on your prototype to production

  • Printed circuit boards

    SOMACIS is a global manufacturer of higher technology printed circuit boards

  • Printed Circuit Boards

    APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, rigid printed circuit boards. APCT provides a Broad Range of Technologies, including advanced & emerging HDI work, fabricated at superior turnaround times. Our 2 factory locations are in Santa Clara, California & Wallingford, Connecticut. We are set up to build proto-type runs and have the ability to manage production programs through our off-shore partnerships. The difference maker is our people. They give us the ability to say “Yes” to our customer’s demands of Technology & Lead Time. They work within the 3 pillars of our company: Passion, Commitment & Trust. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and gain your loyalty.

  • Probing Systems

    Gigatest Labs probing systems are the industry standard for probing multiple-board-interconnects, BGAs, Test Sockets, Contactors, PCBs,and backplanes. We also offer customization of our probing systems to meet unique customer requirements.

  • Prototype PCBs in 1-3 Days

    Looking to test your design before committing to a full PCB production run? Royal Circuits specializes in printed circuit board prototyping that allows you to evaluate the design, performance, and capabilities of your board first - a smart practice that could save a significant amount of time and money in the long run.
    Royal Circuits fabricates your small-quantity prototype PCBs with the same state-of-the-art equipment and processes that we use to manufacture production PCBs for our Fortune 500 customers. In addition, our services are FAST, so you can get your prototype printed circuit board the next day.
    Use our online quote form to price and order your PCBs today. Want to check your design before ordering? Our Free Online DFM will complete a 57 point check of your files. Receive a $25 gift card to use on your order just for giving Online DFM a try.


    REDEXPERT is Würth Elektronik's online platform for simple component selection and performance simulation. REDEXPERT, the World’s most accurate AC loss model, includes inductor simulation and selection for DC/DC converters, filter settings for over 20 electrical and mechanical parameters, and direct access to product datasheets. This online platform, available in seven languages, is based on measured values, and has the ability to compare inductance/current and temperature rise/DC current using interactive measurement curves. No login is required and free samples may be ordered directly from the site.
    Try REDEXPERT and calculate your losses in real-time.


    REDEXPERT is Würth Elektronik's online platform for simple component selection and performance simulation. REDEXPERT, the World’s most accurate AC loss model, includes inductor simulation and selection for DC/DC converters, filter settings for over 20 electrical and mechanical parameters, and direct access to product datasheets. This online platform, available in seven languages, is based on measured values, and has the ability to compare inductance/current and temperature rise/DC current using interactive measurement curves. No login is required and free samples may be ordered directly from the site.
    Try REDEXPERT and calculate your losses in real-time.

  • RF Front-end Design on SrTiO3 Layer

    Noda Techno provides RF Front-end Design Platform composed of SrTiO3 paraelectric layer.

  • RF Probe

    ・Wide Pitch 110GHz Probe
    ・Durable, good to make contact to PCB, PKG IC, and Module.
    ・Probe Tip Replacement
    ・High Performance
    IL<1.2dB DC to 110GHz.(GSG-150)
    RL>18dB DC to 110GHz.(GSG-150)
    ・Custom design RF and DC Probe Available

  • ROME 500

    ROME® is a robotic optical switch that offers dynamic fiber cross connect capability at layer 0. ROME® enables physical fiber connections to be made automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention. With ROME®, data center operators benefit from reduced CAPEX and OPEX as well as improved reliability and security, while future-proofing their critical infrastructure.

  • Samtec’s New FQSFP -DD

    “Flyover™” architecture discussions are increasingly in vogue. Samtec was the first interconnect company to bring the QSFP Flyover product line to market. Samtec is excited to announce another first in the flyover realm: Samtec’s FQSFP-DD is the first product to take the flyover architecture concept to the QSFP-DD form factor.

    The QSFP-DD form factor focuses on a next generation high-density, high-speed pluggable backwards compatible module form factor. The Samtec FQSFP-DD flyover product meets this challenge with greater performance margin compared to the QSFP-DD connector-to-PCB approach. As advanced 50 Gbps+ per channel ASIC and FPGA solutions hit the market, a next-generation flyover approach that overcomes the limitations of signal loss on a PCB trace continues to become more relevant.

  • Samtec’s NovaRay™

    Samtec’s NovaRay™ is an industry-leading high bandwidth, high-density interconnect system.

    The innovative pin-to-ground differential pair configuration enables very low crosstalk to 40 GHz+, tight impedance control, and minimal variance in data rate as stack heights increase. The system is 112 PAM4 capable and is rated up to 56 Gbps NRZ per channel. It boasts an industry-leading aggregate average data rate of 1.33 Tbps per square inch. This extreme performance and density is critical as system sizes decrease while speeds increase.

    Two highly reliable points of contact contribute to the 112 Gbps PAM4 capabilities, and ensure a more reliable connection, with stub-free mating.

  • SDG6000X Series High Performance AWG with IQ

    SIGLENT’s SDG6000X is a series of dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators with specifications of up to 500 MHz maximum bandwidth, 2.4 GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution. The proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse techniques help to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square and pulse waveforms. These designs provide users with high fidelity low jitter signals, fast transient generation, and a library of modulation types including optional IQ capabilities.


    JPC provide AOC,DAC cable up to 400G.


    Combining a SHF bit pattern generator (BPG) with one of SHF’s digital to analog converters (DACs) converts the system into a multi-channel PAM source. With these BPGs one has full control of the patterns into the DAC (due to the huge memory and the channel synchronization). Therefore, our BPG-DAC combination can be seen as a full blown remote head non-interleaved 60 GBaud Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG).

    For PAM signals, it is faster than any other AWG instrument as it samples only one single time per each bit. Thus the baud rate of the resulting PAM signal is as fast as the sample rate of the system.

  • SiSoft's AMI Modeling Bundle (AMB)

    SiSoft’s AMI Modeling Bundle (AMB) integrates Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) and Quantum-SI (QSI) with Simulink and MATLAB, allowing designers to create AMI models in a systems context. Ready to run Tx/Rx examples for protocols like DDR5, CEI-56G and PCIe Gen3/4 are included. Examples use configurable building blocks, including a FIR filter, RX FFE, AGC, Peaking Filter, Saturating amplifier, DFE and CDR. Building blocks include MATLAB source code that designers can modify and extend, then generate AMI models directly from MATLAB without having to edit C code. Compiled models are then exported to QCD/QSI to verify compliance with the IBIS-AMI standard.

  • Sliding Power to Hot Service Modules/Servers

    Our sliding power solution addresses hot service needs on more integrated system modules with a simpler design compared to cabled solutions for hot swap HDDs. The main components include a power rail PCB and sliding power connector that provide a total of 100A (50A power and 50A return). This solution eliminates the entire cable management system found in previous designs, requiring fewer components and ultimately lowering costs. The elimination of the complex cabling also means there are no loose, moving parts, making this system more reliable than previous designs. This also frees up space to allow for better airflow and clears a path for cold aisle PSU air flow to the back hot aisle.

  • SlimChroma™

    Bellwethers SlimChroma™ is a sleek strip of fully moldable ultra-slender cable that sets a new precedence in the high speed cable arena surpassing all existing standards set by Micro Coax. Offered in many pitch solutions, and whipping out current ratings of 0.8A per pin, it’s designed to fully replace the micro coax on all frontiers, it is a full-blown high speed cable solution. SlimChroma™ is a complete breakthrough in RFI interference and cost-efficiency. A tried and tested advantage for flawless air control, it stands undivided over a multitude of applications and platforms including jumper wire and direct connectivity for all I/O port applications.

  • Sliver SFF-TA-1002 Storage Connector

    Our Sliver internal cabled interconnects have been named as the next industry standard flash storage connector (SFF-TA-1002) for their performance, density, flexibility and robustness. They meet all current protocol performance requirements for PCIe Gen-3/-4 (8G & 16G), SAS-3/-4 (6G, 12G, & 24G), Ethernet protocols (10G & 25G per lane), InfiniBand (28G), and are expected to meet performance for IEEE and OIF 56 Gbps, PCIe Gen-5, and SAS-5. These multi-lane, super slim connectors feature a 0.6mm contact pitch and are protocol-agnostic and rated up to 112G PAM-4 (56G NRZ). Options are available to connect to PCB card edge, cable or optics. These newest additions to our Sliver connector portfolio were chosen by the Gen-Z Consortium as the standard storage connector for PCIe riser cards, RAID systems, disc drives and storage media.

  • SnpExpert

    Everything about S-parameter for SI engineers

  • Sockets for High Speed Applications

    BGA sockets and QFN sockets using GT contact technology provide >75GHz signal speed in a smallest footprint for prototype and test applications. These sockets support pitches from 0.3mm to 1.27mm. Ironwood's GT sockets are ideal for prototyping and testing almost any BGA or QFN device application. These IC sockets provide excellent signal integrity yet remain cost effective. Innovative elastomer interconnect technology that delivers low signal loss (1dB at 75GHz) and supports BGA or QFN packages with pitches down to 0.3mm was utilized in these sockets. GT BGA sockets are mechanically mounted over a target system's BGA lands using mounting and alignment holes at proper locations (page 2 of the individual socket drawing shows recommended PCB layout information). These low-profile sockets are only 2.5 mm per side larger than actual IC packages (industry's smallest footprint).

  • Solderless PCB Edge Launch Connectors

    SV Microwave is excited to launch our new line of high frequency solderless coaxial PCB edge launch connectors! These rugged and durable interconnects are adjustable to accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board. Current interface configurations include our high frequency SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series. Additionally, these cost effective testing solutions are readily available through distribution. When precision and performance matters, connect with SV!

  • Sonnet Suites

    Sonnet Software maintains a single, dedicated focus on providing engineers all around the world with the capability and precision needed for their advanced circuit design. As the industry's leading high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software tool for planar circuit analysis, Sonnet utilizes the Shielded Domain Method of Moments technique to provide model extraction error frequently on the order of 1% or less. Sonnet offers high-accuracy analysis of predominantly planar (3D planar) circuits, interconnects in applications including RFIC, MMIC, and high density packaging applications, and handles kHz through THz frequencies. Sonnet’s most recent release, Sonnet Suites Release 16, features new integration with the Modelithics® CLR Library for Sonnet, speed increases in larger projects, and additional new features that give users more control and automation.

  • Speedstack Flex

    Speedstack Flex is a design tool that allows signal integrity engineers and PCB fabricators to create, verify and document flex-rigid PCB layer stackups. Speedstack Flex PCB and Si adds to this a powerful and accurate field solver to calculate impedance requirements on multilayer boards with multiple controlled impedance structures per layer and stack. Stackups can be created in freehand mode with Virtual Materials or from a comprehensive, built-in material library. The Speedstack Flex navigator enables you to link and document as many cross sections as required in order to fully document your flex-rigid buildup. The associated, customizable technical report improves clarity of documentation between the stackup designer and fabricator.

  • Spring Contact Development Kit

    Harwin’s Spring Contact Development Kit is the ideal prototyping kit for customers using SMT Spring Contacts. Containing 16 different contacts in strips of Tape and Reel, the kit is an easy reference library for Harwin's product range. Electronic Design Engineers at OEMs and Design Houses can now immediately try out one or more of the contacts by keeping this kit on hand, instead of waiting for the delivery of samples contacts. Once contacts are depleted free refills are available.

  • SV3C-DPTX MIPI D-PHY Generator

    The SV3C-DPTX MIPI D-PHY Generator is an ultra-portable, high-performance instrument that enables exercising and validating MIPI D-PHY receiver ports. Capable of generating any traffic and being completely data-rate agile, the D-PHY generator includes analog parameter controls that enable gaining deep insights into receiver sensitivity performance and skew / jitter tolerance.
    The D-PHY Generator operates using the highly versatile Introspect ESP Software environment. This environment allows for automating receiver tests such as voltage sensitivity or clock-to-data setup and hold times. The environment also includes MIPI pattern compiler tools that enable the generation of complete DSI or CSI packets such as those characteristic of color bars or active image frames. Key benefits include clock and data skew injection with 1 ps resolution and per-lane multi-source jitter injection.


    Harwin's SYCAMORE contact is a three-point SMT contact designed for high volume applications and, advanced automated assembly. This ultra-reliable and durable product offers superior pin retention for modules and devices subject to multiple insertions and removals. SYCAMORE contact is a single-part SMT socket design featuring a low profile of only 0.3mm max above the PCB. Available in top and bottom entry versions, it accepts 1mm or 1.5mm diameter pins and is open-ended, so mating depth is not limited. These contacts are suited for PCB layouts with field-replaceable modules with odd-form termination layouts. Temperature-sensitive components can also benefit from being assembled to the PCB via SYCAMORE Contacts. The SYCAMORE contact is ideal for sensor applications, such as domestic and commercial gas detection systems, fire alarms and metering systems.


    THUNDER is a unique wafer-level chip-scale layout integration applications framework with intuitive GUI and C++/Python/TCL/Perl API. THUNDER has been tailored to help developing customized solutions in terms of performance and ease of use. AnaGlobe keeps expanding the state-of-the-art functions into THUNDER. THUNDER is architected to process very large size of IC/SOC/SIP/2.5D/3D-IC with smallest DB at any technology nodes in the least amount of time.

  • TmlExpert

    Transmission line characterization for high speed

  • TOYO EMC/EDA/PCB Solutions

    EMC Test:
    TOYO offers EMC test software and test systems for the EMC chamber. We also provide Keysight EMI receiver, power amplifier and EMC accessories such as high frequency coax cable from Junkosha.

    EMC Design:
    TOYO offers EMI simulation software from NEC and near-field EMI scanner from Aprel.

    TOYO offers very unique PCB materials such as high thermal conductive, white-colored, low-modulus and low-CTE materials from Risho and also embedded capacitance materials from Oak-Mitsui Technologies.

    Just pay as you go from $39! Quadcept is an online schematic and PCB layout CAD system which is linked with the world’s largest component companies, Digi-Key and RS that enables to refer datasheet, stock, and price at any time. It can even optimize workflow with our cloud-based PDM, Q Force.

  • TP250 Precision Positioner

    A high precision positioner with XYZstage, large turning screws, magnetic base, and versatile probe arm. It can hold microprobes and PacketMicro's own S-Probes and D-Probes.
    It is good for wafer probing and PCB probing with most competitive price in the industry.

  • TR Multicoax Series with Thumb Screws

    Ardent Concepts, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance GHz connectors used in the development of next generation semiconductor applications has released a new design of its 20, 40, & 70 GHz Straight Mount TR Multicoax seriesconnector. With the added convenience of thumb screws for quicker installation and removal of the connector, this new configuration of the TR Multicoax series will drastically reduce test time while improving user experience by eliminating the need for any tools.

  • ViaExpert

    Fast via modeling and optimization

  • Wireless InSite® EM Propagation Software

    June 6
    Most of the part was idle
    November 8-9, 2017

  • XJTAG Development System

    The XJTAG boundary scan system provides engineers with a powerful, integrated development environment for debugging, testing and programming complex printed circuit boards containing Processors, FPGAs, flash memories and many other devices. Using XJTAG you can develop JTAG tests and bring up prototypes in hours. Built-in model libraries provide manufacturing level testing on the developer’s bench, without needing firmware.
    XJTAG is easy to use, engineers can quickly debug their designs and functionally test early prototypes. Device-oriented tests can be reused across projects and then taken forward seamlessly to production. Full-featured free trials with free board set-up are available to new clients.

  • XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ Laminates

    As the demand for faster and more data drives channel speeds of core network infrastructure beyond 56 Gbps, one of the limiting factors in increasing performance is the signal attenuation resulting from the circuit materials. Rogers XtremeSpeed™ RO1200™ circuit materials enable system designers the flexibility to design leading edge systems that maximize data throughput and minimize latency in performance demanding applications. With a low dielectric constant of 3.05, and a maximum dissipation factor of 0.0017 @10GHz, XtremeSpeed RO1200 laminates provide outstanding signal integrity, reduced signal skew, and reduced cross-talk. Combined with superior thermal/mechanical performance, low CTE, and a halogen free UL 94 V-0 rating, XtremeSpeed RO1200 laminates are well suited for the most demanding high layer count applications.