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Granite River Labs

Granite River Labs is the world’s premier engineering services firm focusing on solving tough hardware design and validation challenges to help implement high-speed connectivity technologies. Led by a team of veterans from the test and measurement and semiconductor industries, the company offers a comprehensive set of services and deep domain expertise across a range of interfaces, disciplines, and test methodologies.


Simberian develops and distributes Simbeor THz, the award-winning electromagnetic signal integrity software for physical design of PCB and packaging interconnects operating at extreme data rates. Simbeor THz is an accurate, productive, and cost-effective solution for pre- and post-layout analysis of interconnects with 3-D full-wave models. For more information, visit the company’s Web site.

Liberty Test Equipment

Liberty Test Equipment is a quality source for buying, renting, and leasing new and refurbished electronic test equipment. Our broad product selection allows us to help customers find the tools they need for a variety of applications, including research and development, telecommunications, medical devices, military devices, and semiconductors.


MERITEC's VPX+® field deployable Cabling System replaces need for Multi-Gig (TE™) connector. VPX-DA® (Direct Attach) Cabling is the rugged solution to solve trace loss issues for today’s newest multi-gig OpenVPX I/O, Compared to VPX+ cabling, VPX+DA Cabling directly replaces both the RTM backplane connectors & mating VPX+ connectors for both cost & weight reduction while realizing increased performance. MERITEC - The Xtreme High-speed Xperts


EMWorks is a leading provider of high frequency/high-speed electromagnetic software design
tools for EDA, RFICs, electronic components, power integrity, and signal integrity
applications. Based on the powerful finite element method, the company’s flagship products,
HFWorks and EMS, are full 3D field solvers seamlessly integrated inside SOLIDWORKS, the #1 3D CAD, with built-in thermal and structural solvers for multi-physics simulation.


XJTAG Ltd. is a world leading supplier of JTAG boundary-scan software and hardware tools. The company focuses on innovative product development and high-quality technical support. XJTAG products use IEEE Std.1149.x (JTAG boundary-scan) to enable engineers to debug, test, and program electronic circuits easily and significantly shorten the electronic design, development, and manufacturing processes.


APCT is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability, rigid printed circuit boards. The company provides a broad range of technologies, including advanced and emerging HDI work, fabricated at superior turnaround times. APCT's two factory locations are in Santa Clara, California and Wallingford, Connecticut. The difference maker is its people. They solve APCT customers’ demands with passion, commitment, and trust.

I-Connect007 - The PCB Design Magazine

The PCB Design Magazine, an I-Connect007 publication, is a monthly digital magazine for the global printed circuit board design industry. Featuring original articles, columns, and exclusive interviews with key figures from the industry—including the next generation of designers—each issue serves the ever-evolving world of PCB design and design engineering. Subscribe to this and other premium content by registering at "my I-Connect007".


microconnex offers fine-line flex circuits and laser micro-drilling/machining. Capabilities include flexible printed circuits; high density, fine-line, fine-pitch (less than 2 mil trace/space); prototyping to production; laser-drilled blind, buried, and through-hole microvias; laser micromachining and drilling; and thin-film plasma and deposition.