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Kita USA Inc.

KITA USA is a Cohu, Inc. company and is located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our business is to design, sell and manufacture spring probes and custom spring probe connectors. Along with our sister company in Japan, our objective is to combine the best that Japan and the US has to offer to our customers in the US and Europe.
Our sister company, KITA Manufacturing Co., LTD. has 45 years of experience in this business.


Electronics are redesigning the world we live in. We tell the connector story. Connector Supplier brings you the latest information about cutting-edge technologies as well as insight into the industries that depend on well-designed connectors and cable assemblies. Connect with us today at ConnectorSupplier.com and subscribe to our eNLs.

Pico Technology

Pico Technology is an innovative leader in PC Oscilloscopes and data acquisition products for a wide range of applications. Our product line includes real-time oscilloscopes, sampling oscilloscopes, pulse generators, vector network analyzers, data loggers, probes, leads, sensors and auto oscilloscope kits. Recognized for offering feature-rich, cost-effective test and measurement equipment, we’re focused on making high-quality instrumentation more


Ohmega Technologies makes OhmegaPly® thin-film resistive material. For more than five decades, it has been used in a variety of electronic devices, spanning a broad spectrum of the electronics Industry. Applications range from consumer electronics (smartphone MEMS microphones) to aerospace and defense electronics (satellites, space probes, missiles, and fighter aircraft). OhmegaPly® can be used in a variety of new ways in new applications.


Taconic is a world leader in RF laminates, high-speed digital, and flexible interconnect materials. Unique products include EZ-IO-F Spread Weave Next Generation Laminate, fastRise EZ low-temperature curing/low loss flexible prepreg for manufacture of rigid/flex PWBs containing polyimide, LCP or PTFE cores, and fastRise multilayer nonreinforced prepregs.

Polar Instruments, Inc.

Polar’s signal integrity tools equip the industry from pre-layout design to post-fabrication test, offering simulation, documentation, design and test tools for speedy, accurate and cost-effective results.
Design transmission line with impedance field solvers now including Groisse and Huray copper roughness models. Design rigid or flex, high-layer PCB stackups with multiple impedance traces. Then export stackup data to PCB layout tools.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is a leading test and measurement equipment rental company that provides short and long-term rental solutions to the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, communications, consumer electronics, and EMC industries, as well as many others. Our extensive inventory, knowledgeable customer support, and next-day shipping make renting test equipment easy.
See us online at www.atecorp.com or call 800-404-ATEC (2832)