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BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH

BitifEye understands digital bus standards and can provide conformance test products for PCI Express®, Serial ATA, USB, HDMI®, MHL, DisplayPort, MIPI®, SD UHS, Thunderbolt, Type-C Connector and Cable Test and more. BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH is the market leader for high-speed digital receiver testing since more than 10 years. The company offers test software, hardware and accessories which complement Keysight´s products.

Summit Interconnect, Inc.

Summit Interconnect, Inc.
Booth: 414

Summit Interconnect is a manufacturer of advanced technology printed circuit boards focused on complex rigid and rigid-flex PCBs with unique expertise in RF/Microwave applications. Our manufacturing capabilities include quick-turn, prototype and production. We have experience with a wide range of materials including high speed digital, RF and mixed constructions.

Bal Seal Engineering Inc.

Bal Seal Engineering Inc. is a global provider of custom‐engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and shielding solutions for a broad range of industries. The company's Bal Seal® spring‐energized seals, Bal Spring® canted coil springs, and Bal Conn® electrical contacts help OEMs enhance equipment performance and advance technology.

Wave2Wave Solution

Wave2Wave is the world leader in network connectivity with automation.
From robotic fiber switching to on-board optical interconnect, Wave2Wave offers a full range of cabling and interconnect solutions to data centers, telcos, and engineering labs.

INNO Global INC.

PiS® Test Socket

PiS (Pin in Silicone) can reduce test cost.
PiS® makes tension with silicone. µ-spring embedded in Silicone body.
Simple structure, just pin in silicone, can make fine pitch solution.
0.2mm pitch or over
Over 20GHz for high frequency test.
Less Noise & Crosstalk with PiS design.
PiS® can replace traditional rubber sockets with NO hassles of COK modification.

San Diego PCB Design & Screaming Circuits

San Diego PCB Design is a Virtual CAD Department™ that utilizes industry-standard platforms to harness emerging technologies.
Screaming Circuits specializes in quick-turn PCB assembly where you can order your assembly, parts and PCBs all in one place with online real-time quoting.
As business units of Milwaukee Electronics our companies also have the ability to offer design, board fab, and assembly all under one industry-leading group.

Gold Technologies, Inc.

A vertically integrated company. Engineering, Sales, Manufacturing are under one unified system aimed at total customer satisfaction. Test & Burn-In sockets, Gold Probe pogo pins, Custom Thermal Chamber, Hardened Thermocouple Fixtures, Interposers and Receptacles - ALL are made LOCALLY to save you TIME and MONEY!

Kyocera International, Inc.

Kyocera International, Inc., Semiconductor Components Group offers open-tooled and custom packages including organic FC-CSP / FC-BGA / SHDBU packages, complex ceramic modules, and high-end PCBs for multiple applications including RF/MW, ASICs, MPUs, graphics processors, data centers, power semiconductors, phased array radar, wireless infrastructure, avionics and space.

Swift Bridge Technologies

Swift Bridge Technologies is managed by individuals from both technical and marketing business segments of the electronics industry, specializing in high performance cable interconnect solutions.
We specialize in DC thru 110GHz cable interconnect solutions for oscilloscopes (real time, digital storage, TDR, and BERT), network analyzers, and custom probe assemblies.