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    Jan 29–31, 2019
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    Jan 30–31, 2019
  • Santa Clara Convention
    | Santa Clara, CA

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies helps customers bring breakthrough electronic products and systems to market faster and at a lower cost. Its solutions go where the electronic signal goes, from design simulation to prototype validation, manufacturing test, and optimization in the network. Customers span the worldwide communications, Internet infrastructure, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics markets.

Ardent Concepts

Ardent Concepts is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance multicoax and coaxial assemblies, connectors, and sockets used in the development of next-generation semiconductors and electronics systems. The company's core technology is the smallest, fastest, most electrically efficient compression-mount connector technology worldwide.

Autodesk EAGLE

Make anything with Autodesk EAGLE - the powerful, easy to use PCB design software made for every engineer. And with access to the world’s largest supply of ready-to-use parts libraries, you’ll be able to stay focused on your design without any of the typical engineering busywork. Get started with Autodesk EAGLE for free today and connect with a global community of millions of like-minded engineers.

Oupiin America Inc

Oupiin America is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of high-quality, high-volume connectors. The company's focus is on high-power connectors up to 150 amp per contact; high-density mini card edge connectors, 0.80 mm pitch, 20 pin through 100 pin, 14 Gbps; high-power card edge connectors up to 30 amp, power-only, signal-only, or hybrid; and back plane connectors up to 25 Gbps.

SV Microwave

SV Microwave (cage code: 95077) is a world leader in the RF/microwave industry with more than 50 years of proven performance. The company designs and manufactures high-frequency, miniature RF/microwave coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, and passive components designed for military, satellite, aerospace, commercial, and telecommunications applications.


Molex solves high-speed design challenges by anticipating and delivering what our customers need most. From a globally integrated approach to seamless collaboration, we help make their vision a reality by leveraging our heritage of innovation and bringing deep expertise to the complex electronic solutions of tomorrow.


CMP is a service organization in ICs and MEMS for prototyping and low-volume production.

Edadoc USA Inc.

Edadoc USA Inc. provides its clients with expertise in high-speed PCB design, and quality PCB fabrication and assembly. With the support of more than 500 layout engineers overseas, the company's local team of designers help customers complete their projects quickly and successfully.

Total Phase Inc.

Total Phase Inc. manufactures powerful USB, I2C, SPI, eSPI, and CAN development tools. The company's tools combine best-of-breed features; Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X support; a royalty-free API; and excellent customer support, making them perfect additions to any engineer's toolbox.