• Conference
    Jan 29–31, 2019
  • Expo
    Jan 30–31, 2019
  • Santa Clara Convention
    | Santa Clara, CA

“Flyover™” architecture discussions are increasingly in vogue. Samtec was the first interconnect company to bring the QSFP Flyover product line to market. Samtec is excited to announce another first in the flyover realm: Samtec’s FQSFP-DD is the first product to take the flyover architecture concept to the QSFP-DD form factor.

The QSFP-DD form factor focuses on a next generation high-density, high-speed pluggable backwards compatible module form factor. The Samtec FQSFP-DD flyover product meets this challenge with greater performance margin compared to the QSFP-DD connector-to-PCB approach. As advanced 50 Gbps+ per channel ASIC and FPGA solutions hit the market, a next-generation flyover approach that overcomes the limitations of signal loss on a PCB trace continues to become more relevant.