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    Jan 29–31, 2019
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    Jan 30–31, 2019
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As PCBs become cost-prohibitive at higher data rates, TE’s cabled STRADA Whisper connectors provide a flexible solution. TE’s STRADA Whisper backplane connectors have extremely low cable insertion loss (0.11 dB/in versus PCB loss of 0.75 dB/in at 12.5 GHz) which allows signal integrity to be maintained at distances 2-4 times greater than a conventional PCB backplane design. Reduced insertion loss achieved by the high-speed cable improves the channel margin and allows for more creative system architecture design possibilities. Cabled STRADA Whisper connectors continue to offer the same mechanical robustness and best-in-class electrical and signal integrity performance of TE’s STRADA Whisper product family. They can support 25-56 Gbps PAM-4, with future expansion to 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM-4. These connectors now support 100G per pair.