• Conference
    Jan 29–31, 2019
  • Expo
    Jan 30–31, 2019
  • Santa Clara Convention
    | Santa Clara, CA

World's fastest high resolution (60 microns) EMC/EMI scanner.
EMxpert is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose & solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle. Gain insights about why designs fail something no chamber can give you. No more waiting for chamber time to redesign & test by trial & error. The EMxpert rapidly diagnoses even intermittent problems, which may go undetected when using handheld and automated probes.
EMxpert is 1/10th of a chamber’s cost and operate 100 times faster.
* Fast PCB emission testing
* High resolution 0.06 mm
* 150 kHz to 8 GHz