• Conference
    Jan 29–31, 2019
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    Jan 30–31, 2019
  • Santa Clara Convention
    | Santa Clara, CA

Leoni’s latest ParaLink variant represents a new milestone in the development of high-performance copper connections with low attenuation loss for broadband data transmission in computer centres. With optimised electrical properties, ParaLink 25s paves the way for such future data centre standards as QSFP-DD and OSFP at a transfer rate of 400 Gbit/s, more of which via copper. “25s” stands for 25 Gbit/s transfer per pair and an additional skin, i.e. a coating over each individual core pair.

A new pair design provides the breakthrough: while ParaLink 23 also already does reliably transfer 25 Gbit/s per data pair via copper, a skin extruded onto the individual core pairs further optimises the electrical transfer rates of ParaLink 25s. Thanks to this patented product design, the attenuation readings are improved by up to 20% compared with ParaLink 23.